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personal spreadsheet with the info



  • On an Android or iOS device, most actions can be completed with touching and dragging to the right motion or scrolling up and down through a list of items.
  • On Facebook, most actions can be completed by clicking and dragging to the right or clicking on the up and down arrows.
  • You can always click in the general rectangle ( not on where you spend Crowns ) of a quest for more information on how to or where to find something.
  • Be cautious! If you find your game lags at times, allow the game to fully load before proceeding. This will cause less headaches when it comes to doing events / quests, so you don't accidentally spend things such as: Crowns, Fast-Foot Spells, or Quick Spells.

Alliances | Friends

  • Having friends will allow you to get more Fast-Foot Spells, Quick Spells, and with a proper real-time means of chatting, you can use Sea Trading ( Level 5 ).
  • At Level 10, the Alliance opens up, which allow direct messaging for you and the Alliance that you are in or that you have created to run.

Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes is run by Loremaster Lorelei and it basically gives a story about some of the Heroes in your Realm. This is another way to get some more Gold, XP, and other rewards by following her quests to collect stained-glass window Pane pieces.

Hall of Heroes pages and a spreadsheet for the quests.


As a you progress through the game, you will start to collect different characters from the CastleVille Legends world. Heroes can guide you to discover more Realms within your Kingdom, explore Places of Legend, and of course, to continue the storyline for your Quests. Most Heroes come with their own building that drop Resources for a cost, while other Heroes offer XP.

List of Heroes and a spreadsheet guide.

Myra's Caravan

Myra is a woman who is here to give you Gold and XP for your items. This is useful to lighten your load in the Royal Vault, making some coin and XP. Recently introduced are two new ways to get extra Gold, XP, or a chance at other high item rewards: Myra's Cool Bazaar and Myra's Hot Market.

Myra's Caravan list and a spreadsheet guide.

Places of Legend

Places of Legend are exploration sites that require materials and time so that your Heroes can obtain items for Crafting, Events, Quests, or for your Royal Vault.

Places of Legend list and a spreadsheet guide.


Resources are basically materials that you need to gather in order to craft items in Workshops. They typically require Gold, other Resources, or Water to replenish.

Image list of Resources and spreadsheet guide.

Royal Vault

The Royal Vault is a place for all of your items to be placed in. You start off with 50 slots and currently 950 slots is the maximum allotted storage ( at least word around the internet ). While a handful of Event items will not count towards your storage, more often than not,

Royal Vault spreadsheet.

Sea Trading

Sea Trading is a way for other players to buy and sell items from each other.  You can have a maximum of three slots and a fourth slot is opened below when you join an Alliance.

Sea Trading spreadsheet to show a list of sellable items with the maximum amount you can sell ( per slot ), the minimum / default / maximum coin it can be sold for, and event items temporarily placed here until I've figured out what do with it.


Workshops are Buildings that allow you to craft items that are necessary for Events, Giovanni's Contraption, Glurb the Troll, Liang the Dragon Merchant, Myra's Caravan, and Quests.

Image list of Workshops and a spreadsheet crafting guide.

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